Three sisters trapped in the memory of one wild night long-past, the best of their lives.  Until the youngest breaks the ritual and throws their delicate world into chaos.

Written by: Enda Walsh

Directed by: Barbara Damashek

Scenery by: Erik Flatmo

Costumes by: Valera Coble

photos courtesy Pak Han


Meet William Marsten; creator of Wonder Woman, inventor of the Polygraph lie-detector, living in an All-American household with two women into bondage.

Written by: Carson Kreitzer

Directed by: Jasson Minadakis

Scenery by: Annie Smart

Imagery by: Jacob Stoltz and Kwame Brown

Costumes by: Callie Floor

This extraordinary and unsettling play follows the lives of Polish classmates, Poles and Jews, from 1925 through today.  From the rise of anti-semitism to the war and equally brutal reckoning, the march of time and fate spares no one.

Written by: By Tadeusz Slobodzianek

Directed by: Aoife Spillane-Hinks

Scenery by: Gianni Downs

Costumes by: Rachel Parent